J E S P E R L I N D G R E N , b o r n 1 9 6 6 .
Born and raised in the south of Sweden, Jesper Lindgren's fascination with photography started early. The son of an ever-curious and artcollecting father, Jesper was exposed to the creative expression from childhood and shot his first black and white pictures on his father’s Canon FX.
At the age of 20 It took 14 days from decision to hire as a photo assistant, when he set his eyes on a photographic career. He never looked back. For seven years he juggled full time assistant jobs for several well-known fashion and advertising photographers on shoots around the world. He even managed a photographic degree on the side.
Finally, in 1993 he became a fulltime photogapher, focusing mainly on advertising, beauty, portraiture, music
and movie stills.
The over 100 page artbook "Two Sides of Life" was published in 2008.
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